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Sometimes, you shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to…Pyrrhic Truths Front Cover

John Matthews can’t think of anything but the week ahead; whatever has been driving him to make this trip happen, despite all obstacles, should finally reveal itself to him.

Andy Leigh keeps to herself, existing in her remote, quiet, simple haven. She lives in the present. Enduring each day as it comes. Her heart is dead. Her mind is closed.

She likes her life this way. It’s easier.


When John arrives, so does the terror. He brings doubts. He’s searching for truths – his truths. Thruths, he is convinced, that Andy knows. Breaking down her resolve will be the most gruelling task he’s ever faced, like digging through rock with his bare fingers.

But the questions are far more intricate than either foresees. Their search for answers becomes a quest of Pyrrhic Truths.


Set in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, Canada, Alexandra Meryn’s premier novel takes her reader on a¬†journey that makes comfort, hope, and love a recipe for danger. With take-you-there description, witty dialogue, and engaging characters, Meryn’s storytelling style provokes an emotional investment¬†that leaves her audience talking.

Find out what the buzz is about. Pyrrhic Truths is available in both hardcopy and e-version from Amazon now.

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