About Alex

Canadian Alexandra Meryn is a widowed mother of five who spends her days hovering Alex Brownbetween pulling her hair out and laughing herself to tears. Always the adventurer, this writer can’t resist the allure of a new idea, often throwing caution to the wind and jumping in way over her head. Of course, it’s all in the name of collecting a new story to tell.

Pyrrhic Truths is the result of a solid year of writing, and a decade of dancing around deciding what to do with it. At the urging of her late husband, she finally put file to paper and published a book that looks at home on the family’s living room bookshelf. Time to start another.

Alex blogs sporadically at alexmeryn.com and welcomes comments and questions from readers – though she warns that, while she accepts constructive criticism openly, she’ll reject it regardless. There’s no telling a red-head what to do.

Of course, readers who would like to share thoughts and reviews of Pyrrhic Truths are encouraged to do so below – all comments will be approved. But please, no spoilers.

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